We are enthusiasts and Expressive arts Therapists/Coaches with dr. Avi Goren Bar on board. All members of our team constantly strive for personal and professional development and progress.

Organazing and Program team

Dr. Avi Goren Bar – Program director, key lecturer and supervizor

The program is directed by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, Clinical & Educational Psychologist, Jungian Coach, registered Expressive Therapist, locally and world known in the application of Psychology into psychodynamic Expressive Arts Therapy. Program is supported by assistances who graduated the program and practice in subgroups with students during intervals between modules.

Slovenian professional team

Andreja Anžur Černič – Program director, specialist in Expressive Arts  methods

Is Executive Business, TA and Jungian Master coach and councelor, Leadership Master Trainer and Expressive Arts Coach and specialist. She has worked independently as a coach, mentor and consultant with the emphasis on soft management skills since 2007.  Her style is based on years of experience and a sense of leading and motivating people with a focus on achieving the set goals. She is distinguished by professionalism, knowledge, experience, hard work, positive energy, openness to communications, fairness and honesty. She lives by those values to the best of her ability in both professional and personal life. In 2015 she join facilitation in international team of dr. Avi Goren Bar CEAT program and took teaching role in Jungian Coaching ICF accredited program.

Jasna Knez – Program director assistant, fascilitator and specialist in Expressive Arts  methods

Is Executive, Systemic Team and Jungian Master Coach, Soft management skills and Communication Master Trainer, SDI Moderator, Embodied and Expressive Arts Coach. with a broad range of business experience, understanding the company’s organisms, workplace relationships and human behaviour.  As a coach she works with professionals to achieve the results and get the experiences that they want at work and helps individuals or groups to define and loose unproductive and sometimes destructive behavioural patterns. She strongly believes in the power of positive energy and possibility for better future focusing on solutions and problem solving. In 2015 she join facilitating in international team of dr. Avi Goren Bar in CEAT program and took teaching role in Expressive Arts in Coaching ICF LMSstar and  Jungian Coaching ICF accredited program.

Tine Papič – Jungian analyst, lecturer

Tine Papič is Jungian psychoanalyst, (International Association for Analytical Psychology)  and Jungian Coach working in private practice in an open institution for psychotherapy. Teaches occasionally analytical psychology and psychoanalysis at the Institute IPAL and cooperate with institutions Etnika as an expert in the field of addiction young people of gambling. At the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, he studied psychotherapy science. In Copenhagen, he has completed analytical studies of psychology at the International Association of Analytical Psychology and became a qualified Jungian psychoanalyst from the internationally recognized status of learning analytics. He is also Expressive Arts therapist.  He is a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology and in 2014 was selected for analytical psychology president of Association of Slovenia. In 2017 he join facilitating in Jungian Coaching program.

Program assistants and facilitators

Tatjana Verbnik Dobnikar (supervisor)

Julija Pelc (supervisor)

Leo Ivandič

Brane Krapež

Andreja Barbara Jaš

Andreja Barbara Jaš holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she is a specialist of family and partner therapy, as well as a trainee specialist of clinical expressive arts therapy taught by Avi Goren- Bar, PhD. For a number of years, she has worked professionally in the fields of addiction, individual therapy, couples therapy, family and children therapy. She is employed with the association called Društvo Projekt Človek, where she is in charge of the therapeutic community for addicted parents and their children. She is also a member of the management board and the expert council of Društvo Projekt Človek. She works as an internal lecturer, assessor and consultant for granting the Certificate of a Family-Friendly Company. She gives lectures and organises workshops for parents, professionals and students. Lately she has been dedicating her time primarily to research and therapeutic work with children by using different expressive arts techniques. She is a mentor to students from different study programmes who are training to work with different kinds of addictions. In her private life, she is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend who loves beauty and recreation in nature.

Judita Ledić

Judita has built her experience in the field of development of human resources at the international group Renault – Nissan. She specializes in setting up systems of rewarding and promotion, based on competence oriented management; introducing systems for managing annual and development performance appraisal interviews and setting up talent development systems.

She carries out motivational workshops and trainings in the HR management field, communications, personal and professional growth and she is a coach for middle and top management.

She is a licensed consultant at Profiles International.

At her work she uses the knowledge in the field of the transactional analysis while she has obtained at Zoran Milivojevic, PhD class the title “Certified Transactional Analyst Coach”. She has also obtained the internationally recognized title “Expressive Art Jungian Coach” and successfully continues her training in Gestalt therapy using arts – “Expressive Arts Therapy”.

She is the recipient of the Recognition for “The perfect example of human resource management” of the Chamber of Economy of Dolenjska and Bela krajina in 2015.

Mojca Leben